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Flush and Detox

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  1. Quick view Magnum Detox Mouthwash

    Magnum Detox Mouthwash

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Our Price: $26.95

    Now a Saliva mouth wash that has 3 ounces instead of 1 ounce.

    100% Success rate when Instructions are followed. Effectively cleanses toxins from your mouth. Learn More
  2. Quick view Magnum Detox Shampoo

    Magnum Hair Purifying Shampoo

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Our Price: $26.95


    The Magnun Detox Hair Purifying Shampoo masks unwanted nicotine metabolites in your hair. Nicotine metabolites are circulated throughout the body via the blood stream and absorbed by the hair through the environment. Learn More
  3. Quick view Magnum Softgel

    Magnum Softgel

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Our Price: $29.95

    WORKS INSTANTLY! Good for up to 5 hours!

    Formulated For persons with

    • •With High Toxin Levels.
    • Begins Cleansing Immediately
    • Effective For Persons Up To 320 Lbs.
    • Take 1 Softgel And Feel Clean All Day Long
    Stay away from any Toxins 48 hours prior to taking pill Learn More
  4. Quick view Clean Start 7 Day Cleanse

    Magnum Clean Start 7 Day Cleanser

    Regular Price: $129.95

    Our Price: $84.95

    Introducing a cleaner that you can be cleansed in 7 days.

    It is the strongest Cleansing Kit available and is glad to carry it at one of the lowest prices on the Internet (or a store for that matter!)
    This is the Ultimate in cleansing power. gentle to use, but cleans like 100 Brillo pads married a tsunami and is going through your system being pulled by 15 Clydesdale's. This is powerful stuff! It permanently cleanses blood, urine and saliva. And, after just 7 days you are clean! Its been proven and guaranteed to work. Just take 12 Capsules Per Day~~ Learn More
  5. Quick view Thermal Thermometer Strips

    Thermal Thermometer Strip

    Regular Price: $3.95

    Our Price: $2.50

    As low as: $2.00

    Buy 5 or More for $2.00

    Thermal Thermometer Strips
    (with adhesive backing) Forehead Thermometer, 94°F - 104°F Range Learn More
  6. Quick view Quick Fix Synthetic Urine With Urea

    Quick Fix 6.1 Synthetic Urine with Urea Buy 3 Get 1 Free or 4 Get 2 Free

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Our Price: $33.95

    Quick Fix 6.1 Synthetic Urine with urea. Shake, heat up and you are good to go.

    With Biocide Certification From Spectrum Labs

    Buy 3 (and our shippers will sneak an extra in your box) or Buy 4 (and our shippers will sneak two extra in your box)
    **Free Product will not appear in your cart. It will be shipped with your order**
    We have the Biocide Certificate from the manufacturer Spectrum Labs which certifies that the batch was manufactured according to Specifications with biocideQuick Fix 6.1 Synthetic Urine with Urea (fake pee) now selling in the States is artificial urine carefully premixed inside a laboratory. This is your resource if you have an upcoming urinalysis!  Since it is manufactured with all the necessary components of human urine, including proper creatine levels, specific gravity, ph balance and urea it is completely undetectable ! Know that you are clean in advance. Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine, shake and you are good to go. Fake pee is the next best thing for your up coming drug test.Quick Fix Synthetic urine can be used in place of your own urine plus Synthetic urine is designed as specified by the DOT guide lines.This product works every time. No excuses!! Quick fix synthetic urine bottle will be good for 2 years. After that discard. Learn More

  7. Quick view Detox Mouthwash

    Detox Mouthwash Makers ALS

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Our Price: $26.95

    Fine and Refreshing Detoxifying Mouthwash
    Super Cleansing
    Coats and Clean

    Learn More

7 Item(s)

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